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Laser Maze

It’s just like in the movies! Imagine you enter a mysterious room and as you cross the starting point, the Laser Maze pops to life and the room ahead of you is filled with brilliant green lasers radiating from the walls. Music and light effects immerse you into the experience. It’s time to put your game face on. The Laser Maze Challenge™ is a timed event. The lower the time, the better. Your mission is to navigate the Maze without breaking a beam. If you do, that’s OK, you’re simply penalized with time being added to your score.

LazerMazeAs you expertly navigate through the web of lasers, going over and under lasers as quickly as possible on your way to the end of the Maze, be sure to select the Mission Objectives along the way. When you reach the end and navigate beyond the final laser beam, you select the Mission Complete which finishes your challenge and determines your time/score. But you’re not done yet! The Laser Maze Challenge™ is easy to learn, but impossible to master, so you can’t wait to play again…Good Luck!

Whether you’re looking for a warm-up before your laser tag match, challenging your friends to see who can get the fastest time, or attending a team-building session, our laser maze is the perfect addition to a memorable time at Laserzone ! When you choose the laser maze as one of your birthday party or group options, you’ll get your own scoreboard, so you can compete against your friends, family, or coworkers.

Because everything is more fun with a friend, now you and your buddy can navigate the maze together! We added additional Mission Objectives that must be activated simultaneously, so timing and teamwork is everything in this new challenge.