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Corporate Events

If you’re looking for team building activities or just looking for your employees to let off some steam, Laser Tag is just what you need. If you choose to book out the entire center for your corporate event you are welcome to choose any game format you wish to play. The mission types we recommend for team building exercises are:

  • Gladiator
  • SM4
  • SM5
  • Standard Team Mission

Once everyone in your group has arrived, your group will be escorted into the briefing room for instruction on how to play Laserzone. After you hearing the briefing, you will be given instruction on the mission type you are about to engage and proceed into the armory to suit up. Once you are comfortably fastened into your battle suits, you will proceed into the arena. Let the games begin.

For more information on booking a Corporate Event, please contact Laserzone at 281-277-2900